die Visitenkarte des Architekten


Meine These, neben dem Treppenhaus ist immer auch das Klo die Visitenkarte des Architekten.

Stefan Meier – Alpineum unterwegs – News from booth – Supermarket 2011, Stockholm – 3. Bericht

ein Beitrag zur Weltverbesserung


[…] zumindest offenbart sich, dass schon allein die Beteiligung an einer Kunstmesse ein Beitrag zur Weltverbesserung ist – diese hat gute Kunst wirklich nötig.

Stefan Meier ist wieder unterwegs, diesmal Stockholm:
Alpineum unterwegs – News from booth – Supermarket 2011, Stockholm – 1. Bericht

3 x 3 macht 6


Zwei mal drei macht vier, widde widde witt und drei macht neune,
ich mach’ mir die Welt, widde widde wie sie mir gefällt.

instrument of mass destruction


instrument of mass destruction: robo rainbow

«complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism»



Comedian Trailer with Don LaFontaine

Stelldichein mit der Zukunft


Paris ist Paris auch ohne Eiffelturm; auch ohne Chrysler Building ist New York New York. Was eine Stadt ausmacht, ist das, was bleibt, wenn man sich die Sehenswürdigkeiten wegdenkt. So betrachtet, bliebe von Las Vegas nichts übrig.

Stefan Betschon – Stelldichein mit der Zukunft

My Graffiti War with Banksy


For me it was escapism, I’m creative but I come from a family where you either worked or went into crime so I had no-one pushing me in that direction.

I’d gone out Christmas morning, done it quickly and just thought ‘fuck it’. I didn’t even know how to post it on the Internet afterwards let alone think it would cause the fuss it did.

It also gave me the opportunity to shine a light on graffiti, to show that writers aren’t just spotty teenagers that draw on bus-stops, we can be witty and funny in a way Banksy can’t, because he’s not radical he’s just a toy with a PR team.

Over the years negative connotations associated with graff have been exaggerated, it’s unreal that people can end up in prison for a long time, yet someone puts up a stencil and that’s OK, because it brings tourism to Shoreditch.

Social commentary or not, Banksy is the Tesco of the art-world, what he promotes is tacky, mass-produced shit that provokes a reaction to make himself money.

People forget that some of the greatest artists died broke, money isn’t an indicator of skill.

I’d love to do a 30ft silver dub on the Great Wall of China, imagine that? They’d have me assassinated, but it’d be beautiful.

«King» Robbo – My Graffiti War with Banksy

I don’t create things on my own based on my personal feelings


My aim is to design a communication conduit where one can sense and experience the client’s philosophy through the overall space. I don’t know if you can call it a philosophy, but I am a designer and not an artist so my role is about creating spaces that are an extension and an enhancement of what the client wishes to convey.

It is a very simple process. Once Nigo [founder of A Bathing Ape] finds a location, we meet almost immediately. He advises me of the overall direction and we usually present him with an idea along with a scale model within several weeks. We usually do not meet again until the handover or sometimes until the opening reception. Since we’ve worked together for many years, we will meet as little as once or as much as three times per project before its completion. It’s a very intuitive experience.

I am definitely a designer and not an artist. I don’t create things on my own based on my personal feelings. I design based on a proposal or request.

Masamichi Katayama

(Wonderwall and some old KAWS news)

Aber ich bin ja kein Soziologe


Klar, in der postfordistischen Gesellschaft ist derjenige der größte Künstler, der am meisten Netzwerkkapital anhäufen kann und am sichtbarsten ist. Beziehungen sind die Währung, bestimmt. Aber ich bin ja kein Soziologe.

Dirk von Lowtzow

multitask x productivity


If you want a boost in productivity, try rethinking how you multitask so that you only ever need to think about one thing at a time.

Aza Raskin – Think You’re Good At Multitasking?



Q: He was some kind of a singer?
A: Yes.
David Kernell testimony

Never Gonna Give You Up



Forss – Journeyman Acappella (Lyrics & vocal by Rich Medina)

Forss – Journeyman Acappella

Update: Remix!

be seduced a little bit every day


«be seduced a little bit every day»

Scott Schumann aka The Sartorialist

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