I don’t create things on my own based on my personal feelings


My aim is to design a communication conduit where one can sense and experience the client’s philosophy through the overall space. I don’t know if you can call it a philosophy, but I am a designer and not an artist so my role is about creating spaces that are an extension and an enhancement of what the client wishes to convey.

It is a very simple process. Once Nigo [founder of A Bathing Ape] finds a location, we meet almost immediately. He advises me of the overall direction and we usually present him with an idea along with a scale model within several weeks. We usually do not meet again until the handover or sometimes until the opening reception. Since we’ve worked together for many years, we will meet as little as once or as much as three times per project before its completion. It’s a very intuitive experience.

I am definitely a designer and not an artist. I don’t create things on my own based on my personal feelings. I design based on a proposal or request.

Masamichi Katayama

(Wonderwall and some old KAWS news)

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